Real Coaching, Real Results

After a long time away from the gym, it dawned on me just how easy it was to lose my fitness, and how unhealthy my lifestyle had become. I needed… Read more “Real Coaching, Real Results”


Taking back control of my fitness

Although I had never been an absolute specimen of physicality, I used to see myself as fairly fit. I could get up and down the football pitch at weekends and… Read more “Taking back control of my fitness”


Everyone is so welcoming

Since coming to uni I have struggled to find a way to get fitter which I enjoyed and would stick to. That was until a friend (who I am forever… Read more “Everyone is so welcoming”

Samaa Musa

This isn’t just your average gym

When I started my journey at the end of September 2018, I knew I wanted to be the very best I could be in many ways. One of them included… Read more “This isn’t just your average gym”


The trainers are fantastic

Four weeks ago on 15th October 2018 I walked 599 steps up a slight bank from home to the top of the hill at Unity Gym’s location.It was more a… Read more “The trainers are fantastic”