This isn’t just your average gym

When I started my journey at the end of September 2018, I knew I wanted to be the very best I could be in many ways. One of them included being the best physically.

I reached a peak, as many people do, and I thought I was at the pinnacle of my physical fitness.

After walking into Unity Gym for the first session, I knew that I had created a myth.

So yes, it has been an arduous and painful journey but I am now on another level. This is all thanks to Keith, Leon and the Unity Gym atmosphere. Of course, as a person of faith, my greatest thanks comes to God Almighty above (without whom I would never have had the physical strength to do anything in the gym).

I urge every single one of you to come and to Unity Gym. This isn’t just your average gym. This is the playground of titans.

You don’t need to have amazing strength or a body of Tarzan. You just have to possess the grit to learn, the heart to continue and the faith in your talents.

So try it out now. I’m sure Seth Rollins would be praying to walk foot in there 😌

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