This community will change your life

I cannot express what Unity Gym has done for me over the past 5 years. Currently I am starting my 6th and final year of university and am part of a high-level cheerleading team. I joined Unity Gym in 2014 when I came to study medicine at uni. Prior to moving to Newcastle, I had been a high-level athlete competing at National and international level. Unfortunately, due to this and personal circumstances, I came to university an eating disorder. Although I was a successful athlete, it was time to move on and I had decided I wanted to start new things at uni. 

Finding Unity Gym was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. From the start the atmosphere in the gym was like nothing I had experienced before. There were people of all ages, sizes and abilities training together and encouraging each other. There was an unspoken consensus that it didn’t matter what you looked like, how heavy you were lifting or how fast you were running; as long as you were working hard and giving your all that was all that mattered. Early on Leon made us aware how important good nutrition was for our progress and I realised very quickly how badly a session could go without eating enough. Without realising the community at Unity Gym has helped me tackle my ED so that now it hardly ever affects me, which 5 years ago, I would have thought was impossible. 
The coaches at Unity are always encouraging, enthusiastic and want the absolute best out of you, even if that means 100 burpees for being late! They can adapt the sessions to meet all ability levels and are able to deal with my numerous injuries which is impressive. You are never shouted at for doing something badly or wrong. However, expect to hear Leon bellowing encouragement across the gym along with the rest of gym when you’re hitting a new PB. For me, Unity is somewhere I go, knowing I will come away feeling better and more positive.  Since starting with this gym, Leon has been an incredible coach. As someone who is a complete perfectionist and highly competitive, I can be difficult to coach. However somehow Leon has managed it for 5 years.
Not only is he a technically excellent coach, he is able to tell what I can manage on a particular day, even when I have no idea. He is able to push me when I’m being lazy but will equally tell me to chill out when I push myself too hard. He is also very understanding when it comes to my cheerleading commitments and has always encouraged me and motivated me when it has been tough. 
Without this gym and its community, I would have really struggled during my first year of university and still be tackling a severe ED. However, Unity has allowed me to flip my view on training and nutrition from what I looked like and whether I win or not to what my body can do and how I can better myself for myself. To me Unity gym is much more than a random group of people who train together, it is a family that builds each other up and always supports one and other. I have recommended Unity Gym to many of my uni friends and many have joined and really loved it. I could not recommend this gym more to anyone out there looking for a place to not only improve their physical health but also their mental health and well-being. Honestly this community will change your life.
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