There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of getting a Personal Best

I’d been wanting to get healthier and fitter for some time and had been complaining about not being motivated to a friend, they pointed me in the direction of Unity Gym and suggested to try a taster session so I went onto the website and I booked myself on.

I had quite literally no idea of what to expect, I cycled over after work for my session and I’m not going to lie, I was petrified. It looked pretty intimidating from a distance however, my friends’ partner spotted me and waved me over and thank god she did. I had my first session with Leon but quickly realised I did not have the fitness level I wanted.. nevertheless I quickly found out that everyone at the gym, trainers and goers alike, were truly supportive and you instantly gained a real sense of community. 

I booked myself on to the foundations course and thought I’d give myself a real go at this. The foundations course is brilliant, the trainers correct your posture and show you the fundamentals to the box… yes you learn a phrase or two along the way as well. But who knew that changing little things about your technique could make so much difference to your performance. 
I’d never really done weight training before and did not know what I was missing out on.. There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of getting a Personal Best. The strength and power you get from the workouts is addictive.

Yes, there are workouts which involve everyone’s favourite exercise.. the dreaded burpee BUT once you have completed the foundations you’re doing the same workout (tailored to your abilities) as everyone else and with classes no bigger than 12 and since you are all doing the workout together, it feels like a real team effort where everyone in that room is routing for you to do well and vice versa.

After every workout you feel a real sense of achievement. The workouts are all varied which keeps it fresh and fun. Some of my favourites are doing rope climbs (sitting to standing at the moment, one day I may be able to climb properly), back squats, rowing and pull up development.
I can’t emphasise enough how the trainers motivate you, challenge you and support you on your fitness journey and help you get to where you want to be. 
Funnily enough when I started going to unity gym I didn’t even know what CrossFit was let alone that I was doing it.. now I’m all about the WOD (Workout Of the Day) and I honestly haven’t felt this good in years and I have the whole Unity Gym family to thank for that
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