The trainers are fantastic

Four weeks ago on 15th October 2018 I walked 599 steps up a slight bank from home to the top of the hill at Unity Gym’s location.It was more a slow uncomfy waddle, sweating and I was out of breath.

I joined Unity Gym’s Foundations programme and I have loved every session. Today I feel fitter, I have more energy and can see small changes in my body shape.
I am now looking forward to the next part of my journey on the Groundworks programme. I have to say the trainers are fantastic and give you 100% commitment in teaching you the correct techniques in breathing and the use of equipment and encourage you to keep going when you really want to stop.

Thanks to Keith who has been with me on my journey. Those 599 steps today on 7th November 2018 took and easy 4 minute brisk walk. The only downside Keith is you need to update your playlist 😁.

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