Real Coaching, Real Results

After a long time away from the gym, it dawned on me just how easy it was to lose my fitness, and how unhealthy my lifestyle had become. I needed change, some direction and to do things the RIGHT way. That’s when I started the Foundations Programme at Unity Gym.

I can’t speak highly enough about the quality of coaching from Leon, Keith and Laura. The technical detail was just what I was looking for to improve my core stability, breathing and exercise technique. My deadlift improved so much that I don’t think I’ve ever managed as much volume in one session before as I have here.

The biggest thing that Unity Gym has that other gyms don’t, is that amazing sense of community and feeling part of the team. Everyone is there to help each other get stronger, faster, better. I’ve been to a lot of gyms and group coaching classes and nothing compares. I’ve made new friends along the way and I know we’re all there to support each other through the tough workouts!

The first session was a wake up call, and the last session was where I finally found my discipline. I’m now ready to start the Groundwork Programme to continue my journey, and I cannot wait!

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