I honestly can’t recommend these guys enough…

I joined these guys nearly three years ago to address a perpetual cycle of running injuries. I was your standard runner with non-existent core stability. Leon recognised this straight away and worked with me to address my ankle mobility and weak glutes. Subsequently Keith has provided advice when I didn’t learn and ended up with another running over-use injury before my last race. He tailored the training so I could still train and race.

In the beginning, being a runner I got a buzz from the cardio challenge of the workouts and the team workouts, I remember some 20 minute tyre carry exercise, it was great! But I have always been nervous of the barbell (it has taken me about 2 years to compute what each lift was!) and always tried to keep my lifts with in my comfort zone. 
Never in a million years did I think I’d lift some of the weights I have done. They aren’t the heaviest, but I’m still progressing each time I step in the gym. I have much less barbell fear, with a small desire to lift heavier each time.

All the coaches have shown great patience with my lack of coordination! No-one wants you to miss a lift and the cheer when you have made it is second to none. Everyone who trains here has a great attitude and offers support. Whether its a tip on something they have struggled with. Or a smile, a face of sympathy and always encouragement mid-workout.

I honestly can’t recommend these guys enough, such a team. It’s definitely not your standard CrossFit gym, everyone is welcome no matter what your fitness or skills. These guys will work with you to become stronger and fitter whilst having a laugh and making some good mates along the way.

Jess Illingworth, Accountant, hiker, runner, now weightlifter 😉

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