I feel pushed beyond my comfort zone but complete safe…

Since having kids, I had found it hard to get back to a consistent training routine and had felt a bit demotivated. I started training at Unity and the difference has been really noticeable. The small class sizes, friendly and supportive atmosphere and great coaching help with the motivation and every session is both hard work and great fun. I feel pushed beyond my comfort zone, but completely safe too. The coaches carefully monitor what everyone is doing and provide detailed guidance on technique. This is the first time post-kids that I have felt like I’m really making progress and it’s a great feeling.

The location is really good and there are plenty of class times to choose from during the week, before and after work. This makes consistency easier to maintain and I find it less of an effort to fit training in around the kids and work. The atmosphere in the gym is another thing that makes going to Unity easy and enjoyable. There are some pretty impressive people training there, alongside every other level and complete beginners, but there are no egos. Everyone is treated the same – you are there to train, whoever you are. Yes, exercises can be scaled, depending on your ability, but whoever you are, you will be encouraged to push yourself. For me, this is what really makes the atmosphere great.

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