I cannot recommend this gym highly enough

‘The name sums up the gym up perfectly. When you walk in, you’ll find the people there are warm and welcoming. Despite all the hard work being put in by the members and coaches there, there’s always plenty of smiles and laughter.

Class sizes are small and highly focussed, and the coaches are friendly and personable, as well as highly knowledgeable in their field. There are people of all different ages, and levels of strength and ability there, both men and women. The common thing that struck me about everyone that I’ve met there so far, is that everyone is progressing. There is commonality in the classes and exercises, but your targets and training is tailored to you personally.

I have trained for years, but I’ve just finished Unity’s ‘ON RAMP’ programme (8 ‘induction’ sessions on how to move and work in the gym), and with some detailed discussion on how I could improve my technique, and very clear instructions from the coaches, I have absolutely smashed some of my personal bests for weights I have lifted. I have also just ran one of the longest distances I have ever managed to cover with some of the members from the gym, and all with a smile on my face. I cannot recommend this gym highly enough. If you can leave your ego at home, and want to learn and improve yourself in a place full of like-minded people, this is absolutely the place for you’

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