Everyone is so welcoming

Since coming to uni I have struggled to find a way to get fitter which I enjoyed and would stick to. That was until a friend (who I am forever indebted to now) told me about Unity Gym. Never would I have ever thought that this would be my thing. But it is! I absolutely love it and the sessions are always the highlight of my day. I can feel myself slowly getting fitter and stronger and that’s down to this place and the amazing guys that run it. Keith and Leon have been pivotal to my journey. They make sure that you’re always pushing forwards even when you think you can’t. Except you can, and they know how to make you realise that. They make sure you’ve got a strong foundation to work on and the correct technique to build on. They really make this place special.

Everyone is so welcoming and there’s such an incredible community and family atmosphere at Unity Gym. That’s something that used to put me off joining a regular gym. Here everyone encourages you and champions you on. It’s smiles all around, even when you’re drenched in sweat and can barely catch your breath.

I can finally say that I have finally #foundmydiscipline

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