About Us

A brief history

The Unity Gym name may have started in September 2018 but the training methodologies and coaching started back in 2005 under Crossfit North East England (CFNEE) by Co-owner, Leon Robotham, and current coach, Chris Kemp, aka Kempie.

Situated in Newcastle’s west end, CFNEE was the first Crossfit Gym in the North East and the third affiliate in the UK. Although now de-affiliated, and relocated to the centre of Newcastle, our focus on quality of movement, our knowledge of strength & conditioning and functional movement has not been lost and we continue to strive to educate and empower our members to approach any challenge.

Why Unity?

“Unity on Union Street” has a nice ring to it, but that’s just a coincidence.

Our main values are quality of coaching and creating an enjoyable environment to train in, with like-minded people. Unity means that everything we do feeds back into these values.

From a coaching point of view, we ensure coaches are consistent with movement standards and terminology used and our community at Unity are all here for the same reason, to better themselves. Our members continually help each other, for example, certain movement cues which have helped them or introducing themselves to new guys to make them feel less intimidated. We challenge each other on a daily basis, people push themselves further than they realised they could go.

The Logo

What do you get when you cross Jamacian Roots with Irish Roots?

Sounds like the start of a canny joke, right?

We wanted our logo to symbolise what Unity Gym is about, be simple to remember, and touch on our co-owners’ Leon & Keith’s roots. 
We wanted to create a space to make people better themselves, with like minded people. 
Our member’s feedback is assuring we are on the right track. 

On the left, the Rastafarian hand signal for Unity from Leon’s Jamaican roots.
On the right, the Celtic symbol for Unity known as a “triquetra” from Keith’s Irish Roots 

Combine these, we get UNITY

We combined & we created Unity Gym.