Class Types

On Ramp

This is our introductory course at Unity Gym. It Consists of 8 x 1 hour sessions over 4 weeks. We teach the fundamental movements required in Unity Gym to allow you to progress to our main class, performance.

Who would this be for?

– Anyone new to exercising or with limited experience and wanting to educate their understanding as well as their physical potential
– Anyone who has been training for a while and got in the “repetitive rut”. You are looking for a kickstart, something challenging, something to test you.
– Someone who is experienced with training but wants to try their hand at new movements, Olympic lifting, handstand walks, muscle ups, and just hasn’t the resource or knowledge to do so

…..We Can help.


Unity Gym’s main class.
A 6 day-per-week programme designed by Anarchos Training Methods. It consists of a tailored warmup, Strength, Workout, and finished usually with accessory work.

It is essentially Crossfit we offer but we ensure fundamental movement is drilled correctly before performing advanced movement and each movement is scaled depending on the athlete’s ability.

We ensure our athlete’s are competent in all movements, from Snatching, to muscle ups, to handstand walking. Our On Ramp programme is a perfect introduction to all the movements you need.

We are conscious of creating a welcoming environment in the gym and ensuring anyone new is provided with a tailored path to their goals.

Unity Club Training Programme

This is a programme designed for sports teams and tailored to your specific sport.

These are generally 6-12 weeks programmes which look at providing movements which carry over to your team or individual sport.

We have experience in a wide of sports including, Rugby, Football, Muay Thai, Jujitsu, tennis, track and field, running etc.

Please get in touch for more information