My Journey through Unity Foundations – Part 2

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The Good Kind of Nervous

I’ll be honest, I was getting nervous all day up until the training sessions would start.  I think it’s normal to feel like that. It’s kind of a mix between fearing the hard work you’re going to have to do, and being a bit excited at learning new things, pushing your physical limits or hitting a new PR.  

Getting back into deadlifting and squatting was great for me.  Two exercises I really enjoy, but with expert coaching eyes on my at all times, my lifts felt more comfortable than ever before.  Half way through the foundations course, and I was seeing huge improvements, psychologically as well as physically.

Fixing Performance

One thing I started paying attention to was how my sleep and diet was affecting my performance. I got a wake up call during my 4th session, where I was introduced to wall balls and the skiErg. For those who aren’t familiar, wall balls involve squatting with a large medicine ball and throwing it up against a mark on the wall, catching it and squatting down again.  And repeat. A lot.

Apart from the fact that I learned that my hand-eye coordination is not what it used to be, this is a killer exercise.  Couple this with a machine that mimics a skiing motion, my quads, triceps and shoulders took some punishment! As I was coming to the halfway point in the workout, I started to feel the lack of sleep and hydration taking its effect, but I wasn’t going to let my coaches down and carried on to finish the workout.  

One thing is for sure, I wouldn’t have pushed myself if it wasn’t for the team; I probably would have given up then and there and felt angry at myself about it the rest of the night.

Fitter Every Day

By the last two sessions I had learned my lesson, and made sure I was fueled up correctly.  After putting my body through things it hadn’t done before, and after the last brutal workout, I was physically ready and mentally focused for a deadlift oriented session.  Keith kept a strict eye on my technique for the touch and go deadlifts, and I beat my previous 5 rep max, and hit the most deadlift volume I’ve done in years.

By now I was really getting into the groove of Unity training; feeling pushed every session and enjoying the struggle, as well reaping the rewards of my new found fitness.

Finding My Discipline

The best things about this 4 week Foundations course was the incredible feeling of feeling part of the team and part of the Unity family, not just another random face in an overcrowded gym. Everyone in the group, and those in the main classes, encouraged and pushed each other, and every rep felt like a team effort.  Along with that, I didn’t expect to find mental focus and discipline in my training the way I had.

All I can say now is that I cannot wait to take the next step in the journey on the Groundwork course.  It’s inspiring to see the athletes training at Unity gym every day, and I’m looking forward to joining them in the regular classes soon.

For more information on the Unity Foundations course, drop us an email at, or come speak to our knowledgeable and friendly coaches for an informal chat.

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