Gym classes for beginners

As December gets into full swing and the season of indulgence rolls in, that also means one other thing – 2019 is well on it’s way! New Year is the month of resolutions, goals and big promises for the year ahead. It’s a great chance to leave the past behind and focus your attention on what we would like to achieve this year. Whether it’s more exercise, healthier nutritional choices, or a goal you’ve set yourself, make sure your intentions are balances and will make for a happy, healthy and vibrant 2019. However, getting into the gym isn’t always easy! It can cause many of us to get anxious about getting started and taking that first step back into the gym. Here at Unity Gym, we want to make sure you leave those nerves in the changing room and that’s why we have an array of gym classes for beginners! Our classes are specially tailored to ensure no one feels intimidated, and they cater directly to ensuring your progression and fitness development.

If you are looking to get into gym classes for beginners, follow these Unity Gym top tips to have sure success in the gym this New Year…

Gym classes for beginners

#1 Take someone with you

Taking someone with to the gym when you are getting back into fitness can be a huge help! Team up with a friend who is also a beginner and work as a team to encourage one another and crack down on your gym nerves. Having someone to hold your hand can be really motivating and ensure that on those days when you don’t necessarily fancy the gym you go as you don’t want to let the other person down!

#2 What to wear and what to take

When starting out in the gym you may not feel entirely confident in yourself, however, first things first with the gym – don’t worry about how you look! You’re there to sweat, not to impress. Wear gym kit that you feel comfortable in make sure it’s not too tight so that you have a good range of movement. Invest in a good quality pair of training and wear them in to avoid blisters. Of course, don’t forget to bring a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout your workout.

#3 Look for entry-level gym classes for beginners

Don’t jump in at the deep end! If you are a beginner, then don’t make things impossible for yourself – be realistic and start slow with gym classes for beginners. Here at Unity Gym we cater to all fitness levels and encourage those why are beginners in the gym through our foundations programme. Our foundations programme is a 4 week course which builds the basics of our programming. It teaches breathing and midline stability techniques which is carried over to all movements. We also educate in the standard movements we will be using including squat, press, pull, deadlift and so forth. This is a great programme to develop your confidence, stamina and general fitness ability over the course of a 4 week period.

#4 Progressive Gym Classes

Looking for gym classes that specifically work to develop your fitness abilities and ensure your progression is also key when you are new to the gym. Here at Unity Gym, we work hard to ensure you strive for progression not perfection at every step. That is why following on from our foundations course, we have a groundwork course. Our groundwork course is 8 week and builds on the foundations class, teaching more complex movements including clean, snatch and so on. This ensures your progression and enables you to then graduate into our performance class which is more high level.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these top tips for getting into the gym during 2019. Get you water bottle at the ready, because it’s time to work out! If you want Unity Gym to become part of your goals this 2019 email us on or contact Leon on 07738430990 or Keith on 07713673135 to become a Unity Gymer today!

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