My Journey through Unity Foundations – Part 1

Finding My Discipline

It had been months since I trained.  I don’t mean ‘worked out’. I had been ‘working out’ on and off, but there’s a difference between working out and training.  Since starting a new job, and being sat at a desk all day, I could tell I was slowly getting out of shape.  I even signed up for a 10k run to give me some motivation to train, but it didn’t really work. I got through the run, but it wasn’t much fun, knowing that I was not performing my best.

“You want a reason to get to the gym?  Sign up to Foundations. That will get you back into it”.  Keith, one of the trainers had an easy time convincing me to be honest.  I watched the new gym take shape over the weeks and months and it was quite exciting, but I think I just needed a push to get back to it.  So I signed up.

The importance of good coaching

My first session was with Leon.  I’ve known Leon a while, and he was the first guy to introduce me to proper training, so I already knew I was going to get quality coaching.  I wasn’t disappointed. After an introduction to the group, we started on 90-90 breathing techniques before moving onto the fundamental movement patterns of squatting, hip-hinge and pressing.  I was blown away by the amount of technical detail that Leon has an eye for.  Even though I have prior training experience, I felt like I was getting so much new knowledge just from this first session, especially on the Concept 2 rower, where Leon helped me maximise my output through better technique.  The importance of good coaching cannot be overstated.

Trust the Process

Within the next few sessions, we had refined my pressing technique (including a rep PR for me this year on the overhead press) and moved onto a new piece of equipment; the assault bike.  Okay, so my cardio isn’t great at the best of times, but oh my GOD, this thing is a killer! For those who aren’t familiar with this piece of equipment, its essentially an exercise bike using air resistance, where you push and pull with your arms as well as pedal with your feet. With the creative workouts that incorporated the assault bike, I was pushed to my limit, and had a big realisation that the suffering during these workouts would be worth it. Training at Unity was not only exciting and fun each session, but gave me a clear insight into what gaps I had in my fitness, and what to address.  The best part of all, I felt I could place of my trust in the coaches and really push myself. I wasn’t alone in this; all the other starters felt the same, and we immediately formed a bond where we would support each other and push each other for that extra rep that would have been difficult to do on your own.

The next few sessions would be a bigger wake up call. Squats, Deadlifts, the worst performed wallballs you’ve ever seen, and some kind of torture machine known as a SkiErg…

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For more information on the Unity Foundations course, call Leon on +447738430990 or Keith on +447713673135, drop us an email at, or come speak to our knowledgeable and friendly coaches for an informal chat.

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