The Benefits of Cross Training

The Benefits of Cross Training


Unity Gym is a class based gym that offers an array of strength and conditioning classes for the people of Newcastle. As avid gym goers, we understand well how workouts can become monotonous as you follow the same old training routine. If you are struggling to motivate yourself and reinvigorate your workouts cross-training may be just up your street! Cross training will bring a surge of variety into your workout regime and not only that, it’s incredibly beneficial for you too. Our qualified Unity Gym trainers have put together this guide in order to deliver some of the incredible benefits of cross training…


What is cross training?


Cross training is typically defined as an exercise regimen that uses several modes of training to develop a specific component of fitness. It involves incorporating a variety of sports and exercises into your training plan from strength training to running, weightlifting and so on.


So, what are the benefits of cross training?


#1 Fitness


It is evidenced that cross training will help improve your fitness and achieve better results faster. This is because cross-training allows you to work different parts of the body by doing a variety of exercises, and in a high-intensity manner. Your body is forced to work in a diverse and different way each day so muscles and overall fitness develops faster, improving your power and efficiency.


#2 Fast Recovery


Leaving recovery time for the body is essential in any workout regime, however, cross-training allows you to engage in what is called active recovery. Active recovery is the idea that your body will recover faster, and make adaptations to training for fitness gains, faster and more efficiently if it’s doing something. By practising cross training you are able to ensure you are constantly in active recovery, by switching up your workouts and contrasting high impact, to low intensity on your rest days. This means the body is always working something, however, you still don’t feel as though you are overdoing it or causing yourself unnecessary harm.


#3 Mental Wellbeing

Cross training is not only good for your physical health but also your mental strength and well-being. Mixing up your training regime will help you to stay motivated, and maintain a good frame of mind! It allows you to incorporate different activities and even your favourite sports which will boost your interest and approach to training.


#4 Injury Prevention


Cross training also helps prevent injury. One of the quickest way to cause yourself harm when training is by doing the same activity again and again. Constant repetition impact or strain on the same joints or muscle groups will eventually wear them out and could cause harm. However, cross-training enables you to train hard, maintaining (and maybe even improving) your strength or cardio fitness, but still gives your main target muscles and joints a break.


#5 Weight Loss


If weight loss is your goal, then cross training can and will prove highly effective for you. Individuals who want to lose weight and body fat should engage in an exercise program that enables them to safely burn a significant number of calories – cross training does just this! Cross training enables you to be consistently active whilst mixing up your training regime with both high and low-intensity training exercises. This is shown to help burn fat and deliver greater results.


How does it work?


The benefits are clearly endless, so if this sounds like the refresh you need then why not give it a try and get started!


How does it work?


The essential fundamentals of cross training are the same whether you are exercising for improved health and fitness, weight loss or competition. It’s pretty straightforward, simply try varying your exercise program from workout to workout by engaging in different types of activities, or simply add a new form of exercise to your existing workout routine. You could try mixing resistance training with strength exercises and running. Alternate between activities day to day and moderate the contrasting levels of intensity. You can also alternate exercise types within one workout, for example through HIIT training.

Become a part of Unity Gym!


As a Crossfit gym Newcastle, our classes incorporate strength and conditioning workouts and follow a cross-training regime. If you are interested in being part of Unity Gym, we offer a free taster session so you can try out our services and location to see if they are right for you. Once you are a member you can book one of our classes online here and begin your cross training journey. To get in contact with us call Leon on +447738430990 or Keith on +447713673135, or email


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